Set of Buddha, 5 Monks, Hamid & Hamid's Wife

This set depicts one of the stories from the Jataka, where Buddha, and the 500 monks who followed him, came across some lying water. Hamid - who was a monk of a different religion (hence the head-dress) - was so impressed by the Buddha that he lay down so that Buddha and all his disciples could walk over him and therefore not get their feet wet. Hamid's wife is seen offering a lotus flower, a symbol of purity. This set, approx late 19th Century, is constucted of dry lacquer, on coiled split bamboo bases, beautifully decorated with fine strips of thayo in swirling patterns. The eyes have been inlaid with glass. Traces of gold leaf remain on all figures. 6½" to 9½" high. Base diameter 2½".

EUR € 1000.

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