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Due to different variety of items, the different weights, fragility of items, and values, it is impossible to base shipping cost solely on price. If an item is ordered, we will contact the customer and suggest suitable shipping methods based on the above as well as on the location of the customer.

Contact and Information Request
Please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hrs with shipping options. Once these are accepted we will provide you with details on how to proceed to our secure payment page to complete your credit card details. Shipping arrangements will be made on receipt of your credit card details, and you will be immediately notified as to expected arrival date and all relevant information.

Please use this page to make enquiries to Images of Asia. If you are enquiring about any of the pieces displayed in the Images of Asia site, please be sure to identify the piece by reference number and title. All enquiries should include the sender's return address.

Contact us on this email address.


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